Darryl McCarty

Years Active: 2003-2010
Role: Vocalist, Lead and Rhythm Guitarist
Equipment: Fender Guitars, (Telecaster)
Gibson Guitars
Vox AC30 Amplification

Stan Clemance

Years Active: 2003-2010
Role: Bass Guitarist, Band Patriarch
Equipment: Fender Jazz Bass Guitars
Trace Elliot Amplification & Cabinets
SWR Amplification & Cabinets

Patrick Hughes

Years Active: 2008-2010
Role: Lead Guitar
Equipment: Eastwood Guitars
Hand Built 18 Watt – the “Hughes Junior”

Jeff Wakem

Years Active: 2009-2010
Role: Percussionist, Band Enforcer
Equipment: Pearl Drums

Jeremy Avraham

Years Active: 2008-2009
Role: Percussionist
Equipment: DW Drums
Semper Fi Drums

Matt Fletcher

Years Active: 2003-2005
Role: Percussionist
Equipment: Yamaha Drums (Yamaha Maple Custom)