10th Anniversary Site

Hello, Chasing Arcadia fans!  Introducing brand new, never before heard 'old' releases to celebrate Chasing Arcadia's 10th anniversary.  Check out our completely revamped website at chasingarcadia.com, (yeah, that's right - you thought our band's old internet stomping...

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, we're going to close shop for the next couple of weeks!  We'll see you all very soon in the new year.  🙂

iTunes and Amazon

Download the new Chasing Arcadia album "Broken" at both Amazon and iTunes. I can't think of a better way to say merry Christmas! Buy Broken from iTunes! Buy Broken from Amazon!

CD Release!

CD release announced for Friday, November 20th at Call the Office in London, ON.  More details to come.

London Music Club

Last weeks show at the London Music Club was great, good times, good people, and good music the Super Being and Breed Envy and of course Chasing Arcading. If you didn't attend, keep and eye out, I heard a rumour that Chasing Arcadia could be making another appearance...

What’s Up

With the flurry of recent shows now abating and recording of the new album now in the final editing and mixing stages, we've had a little time to reflect on the past couple years since the band was reformed. We've had an amazing time playing live shows, but now we're...

Meetings and Partings

Jeremy Avraham has been with us a year now, but sadly cannot remain in the country any longer. Since he has headed back to Seattle, we have had to locate a new drummer. We secretly auditioned several drummers while turning away vast majority of applicants, but one...