Brand New Website

We’ve modified our website again – drastically. There will be a tonne of new content here very soon, so please bear with us while we finish cobbling it all together with duct tape and wood screws. We’re putting the finishing touches on the new CD as...

New Songs

Just a quick update! We’re in the studio right now completing new songs. We are all really excited about them, as well as the upcoming album. The band is also looking forward to playing in London ASAP. We will announce the show here, so stay tuned. Cheers!

New Song

BRAND NEW CHASING ARCADIA SONG NOW UP AT MYSPACE!  That’s right – a little listen into the recent recordings of “Chasing Arcadia”  go have a listen and let us know what you think!  @


Well I know we haven’t been saying much lately we’ve been recording!  We’ll have some new tunes right here at the “Chasing Arcadia” home very soon!  Don’t forget to stop by and say hello @...